Hello! I'm Jenna the mom behind Busy Bottoms. I am very busy mama to twin boys and passionate about cloth nappies (and lifestyle choices that reduce waste and minimize yucky chemicals). My goal, as a self-proclaimed ‘Nappy Doula’, is to make cloth nappies easy and convenient for all those who are interested in using them.  – Jenna



Comfort & Covenience 


Our nappies feel extra soft against your baby's delicate skin.                                                                                                      Cloth nappies are breathable and that helps air circulate through the nappy, reducing                                                                  nappy rash.

Our nappies keep nappy changes super simple, they go on just like a                                                                              disposable does. All the while providing great absorbency.                                                                                                               We can supply everything you need to use cloth nappies from birth to potty training.                                                                  As your baby grows, we are here to help make every step of the way. 





The world has an ever growing waste problem, and in South Africa it is alarming.                                                                         Our landfills are filling up at a rapid rate. It has been calculated that with SA’s                                                                    population of 45 million people, more than 700 000 tons of absorbent waste,                                                                        such as nappies, would be going to landfills every day.

Gauteng currently generates in excess of 1.7 billion nappies per year alone.

Disposable nappies contain toxins that need oxygen and sunlight to decompose,                                                                          yet this can take 100's and 100's of years. That means that every disposable nappy                                                                        ever made is still around somewhere. Making the choice to cloth nappy your baby will                                                                  help the enviroment significantly. Good for your baby and the environment. Winning!









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