Frequently Asked Questions 

Busy Bottoms is a cloth nappy service in Johannesburg. We're here to provide you with service that makes using cloth nappies super easy. If you'd like to cloth nappy but find the prospect to be overwhelming, then consider us your one stop, low fuss solution! 


For a complete picture on how the service works, please read below and feel free to email us with any further questions you might have. 


  • What area do you service?

We service most of Johannesburg & Pretoria. 


  • How does your service work?

If you are using our rental nappies then you will select either the Nappy Solution or Nappy Service option when signing up. These services include ALL nappies, cleaning of nappies and bi-weekly delivery of nappies. (JHB and Pretoria only)

If you have your own stash of nappies, then you sign up for the Wash My Stash option and we will come collect your nappies bi-weekly and wash them and deliver them back to you.



  • What kind of nappies do you use in your rental? 

New Born

Here we use a mix of flats, prefolds, fitteds and AIO's (All in ones)

OSFM (On Size Fits Most) 6 plus Kgs

We use AIO (all in ones), pocket and fitted nappies - these don't require any folding, you just put them on as you would a disposable. Easy peasy. 



  • I have my own nappies, can I still use your service?

Absolutely! I know how precious ones cloth stash is, but I also know how the washing can add gets hectic, so we will swing by twice weekly and pick up your nappies and drop off your clean ones.


  • What if its my first time with cloth?

Most families start out as rookies... so you are in good company. Once you have signed up you have the option for an in home nappy demo before baby arrives. Here, we show you the types of nappies and how to fit them and you can ask any questions you may have to leave you feeling comfortable and confident. 

If your baby is already here and you would like a demo, we will happily schedule one for you. We are here to make the cloth nappy experience easy.


  • How do we sign up?

Please head over to our contacts page and either send us a message or pop us an email and we will get back to you.


  • How does billing work?

When you sign up for service, you are paying for your first 4 weeks of the nappy service upfront. Your nappy service is then on hold, until your baby is born and using our nappies, if using our service from the newborn stage.

Your first nappy exchange counts as the end of week one. Before the end of week 4, you will be invoiced for your next 4 weeks of service.

You are not locked into any one service and there is no long-term contract. Just four weeks is all we require to get started. You can try out as many different service options as you want until you find the perfect one for your family. You may cancel service at any time.


  • Do you have speacial pricing for twins/multiple bums in cloth?

Absolutely!! Each additional child added to your account will receive 50% off their weekly service. 


  • Do you do gift vouchers?

We do - please get in touch and we will give you a gift voucher to the value of your choice.