Try our service for 4 weeks. Cancel anytime. No need to purchase diapers. The weekly fee covers rental of products, cleaning & delivery.

Weekly Nappy Service 

 Nappy Service                                                                   Wash My Stash


Twice weekly delivery of clean nappies and nappy bin liner. You provide &          We pick up your nappies, wash clean and return to you twice

maintain your own wipes, liners and other accessories.                                            weekly.

Available in newborn & one size fits most.                                                                   R200/week            








Newborn Nappy Rental

The newborn rental package can be done anywhere in South Africa. Your newborn bundle will typically include the following; 40 nappies

Biddykins Fitteds

Pokkelokkie Dawn Patrol Day Fitted

Mini Matters snapless fitted

Luli & Co Butterfly fitted

Biddykins AIO's

Flats(just a few for you to try, you might love them)



R1760/8 weeks